Yellow Light

Yellow Clivia miniata and their Cream variants were the first of the “unusual” forms of Clivia found in the wild more than 40 years ago.  The yellow occurs when the normal production of the orange colouring compound in plants known as anthocyanin is interrupted in the production phase of flower colour and the flower misses out on its usual orange appearance.
As described in other sections of this site with different Clivias, line breeding by Clivia devotees over the last 40 or so years has produced plants that are true to colour form.  Again the proviso of about 10% regressing in flower colour to orange is to be expected when flowering quantities of seed.

Over the years Yellow Clivia miniata and their Cream variants have become much more wide spread and hence the price has reduced substantially.  A 300 mm pot 30 years ago would easily have sold for $700!

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