Broadleaf Asian

Broad leaf Asian Clivia miniata result from years of selective breeding in Japan and China using only specimens exhibiting the characteristic broad leaves that occur rarely in nature.

Bred mainly for decorative purposes, the breeding of Broadleaf Asian Clivia miniata centres on compact plants with exacting width to length ratios in their broad leaf structures and mostly showing distinctive venation within those leaves. Breeding efforts have also produced different patterned variegated forms with imaginative names such as “Light of Buddha”.  Highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, these Clivia can have leaves up to 150mm in width.

Flower colour of the Chinese & Japanese Broad leaf Clivia miniata can be similar to the orange of Belgium and other hybrid forms but there are also rare instances of beautiful yellow flowering forms.  Commercially, trade in this form of Clivia has expanded over recent years with some plants reputed to sell in the thousands of dollars.

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