Construction of steel trays has also been completed.  The galvanized steel trays are 1800mm x 1200mm and will slide on portable legs.  This image shows the stack of rails which sit on the legs and allow the trays to slide.  Ignore the trays of last year’s seedlings perched on top – one of the problems when you run out of storage space!

Tray rails each 6 meters long and lugged to sit on 5 pairs of legs

13.12.18 1752 hrs

After a delay while driving around New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia getting new nursery clients, the blog page has been rather quiet!  Here is some more action with the construction of the new Clivia igloo.

Dan finishes the side and end walls ready for the new shade cloth canopy.  All is ready for covering early in the new year.  With some luck the house will be ready for the collection in February/March as Dan leaves to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in January!

Shade cloth in the workshop is ready for folding

Bottom pipe in place for fixing the base of the shade cloth to

The front entrance doorway and path

Dan fixing a purlin into place

Rear door and path

Roof trusses with battens attached

Igloo lower side

20.10.18  1409 hrs 


The roof trusses in position

The new Igloo under construction.

The decision to build another igloo arose out of lack of space in the original now full to overflowing.

This site, while only small at 24m x 12m will allow me to de-pup and have somewhere secure and with great growing conditions to keep them.

Construction is concrete filled block work to one end and rear with block piers to take the trusses which span the 12 meters.  The front side has concrete footings to support steel columns to take the other end of the trusses of which there are 5 in all.  We manufacture the trusses on site using a jig made for the purpose.  The floor is compacted crusher dust with a concrete pathway through the center for a hand trolley.

The igloo will be covered with a green shade cloth of 70% shade factor which will seal the structure against all pests including snakes of which we have an abundance.  Irrigation will be the inverted suspended type.

First plants to occupy the area will be the collection of Cryptostephanus vansonii which provide seed stocks for export and local sales.

The site is prepared and block walls constructed

20.10.18 1100 hrs   Welcome to the blog page.

This is my first attempt at blogging and as time progresses I will publish anything of note regarding Nick’s Clivias.

Stay tuned for progress on the new Clivia collection igloo which is at the midpoint of construction.