Pricing & Availability

Pricing relates to the relative rarity of plants in the collection.

Not all plants are available at all times and most collection plants are sold as offsets (Except where noted) to preserve the mother plant within the collection.

Applicable prices of collection plants are listed with the flower you view, with offsets if available.

Prices listed below are for general Clivias other than the collection and are In three price ranges: mature plants/large offsets, small plants/offsets, and tubes when available.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Collectables:  Prices as per photographs of each numbered plant

Clivia miniata

Landscape Orange $35, $30, $25

Belgium and Hybrid dark orange $45, $35, $25

Yellow   $45, $35, $25
Peach    $60, $50, $40
Variegates   Depends on individual plant
Interspecifics   $45, $35, $25

Clivia gardenii

Assorted colours  $45, $35, $25

Cryptostephanus vansonii

$95,  $65, $35

(Seeds $6.60 each)

Seeds when available (cost per seed)
Landscape Clivia $2.95
Belgium Hybrids   $3.25
Yellow   $3.95
Peach   $4.75
Nix Mix (seeds off any plant in the nursery including the collection)  $4.50